About Us


Theatre Caravel is an artist-driven, Toronto based theatre company, focused on developing new work and bringing contemporary perspectives to established works.

We believe in creative expression as a necessity and support artists of all mediums in sharing their work with the community.

We strive to create theatre that is changeable, innovative by necessity, and important by default.

Eric Double
Artistic Director

Eric is a Toronto-based actor, director, and mask maker. He is a graduate of the joint acting program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College and has most recently been seen playing Arthur in The Editor (Brain Box Theatre, Toronto Fringe) and Mann in Darren O'Donnell's Over (Theatre Caravel, the Theatre Centre). As Artistic Director of Theatre Caravel he has co-curated and hosted the company's quarterly new works evening, Sea Change, which has been a platform for new work from artists from all different mediums. Directing credits include Stephen Belber's Tape (Erindale Fringe), Daniel MacIvor's See Bob Run and Wild Abandon (Theatre Caravel) and Jessica Moss' Modern Love (Theatre Caravel, Next Stage Festival). Eric is also an avid mask maker, running the company Eric Makes Masks, through which he makes custom performance masks for theatre, and teaches mask making and performance.

Check out his masks here www.EricMakesMasks.com

Julia Nish-Lapidus
Artistic Producer

Julia, a graduate of the joint acting program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, is a producer, actor, and director. She has most recently performed the title role in Daniel MacIvor’s See Bob Run (Theatre Caravel), and will be playing the Katerina in an upcoming production of Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare BASH'd,Toronto Fringe). As Artistic Producer for Theatre Caravel, Julia has produced all of the company’s productions, including Darren O’Donnell’s Over, which was picked up for a remount at The Theatre Centre, and Modern Love, which recently completed a successful run at the Next Stage Festival. She is also the co-curater of the company’s quarterly new works evening: Sea Change.

Theatre Caravel

Theatre Caravel was formed in the winter of 2009 by former University of Toronto and Sheridan College classmates, Eric Double and Julia Nish-Lapidus. The company began by hosting an evening of new performance, called Sea Change. Sea Change is an initiative started by Theatre Caravel to bring together artists from various mediums to share something new. Since the very first event, Sea Change has been a sell-out; presenting exciting new work to diverse audiences. It has been a starting point for many well-known performers to develop new work. Theatre Caravel has also presented many successful productions, beginning with Darren O'Donnell's Over, which was picked up for a remount by the Theatre Centre, after its initial production. Next was a double bill of Daniel MacIvor one acts: See Bob Run and Wild Abandon. In 2011 Theatre Caravel was chosen as the Canadian Stage GYM Team, and helped develop the show Modern Love for the Festival of Ideas and Creation, which then continued on to a successful run at the Next Stage Theatre Festival in January 2012. Theatre Caravel continues to create exciting and i nteresting theatre through its work with emerging theatre artists, while building a community that supports artists of all types.



October 2009
Over by Darren O'Donnell
Featuring Eric Double and Julia Nish - Lapidus
Directed by Chelsea Ferrando and Tracey Bradley

January 2010
Over by Darren O'Donnell
Re-mount in association with the Theatre Centre
Featuring Eric Double and Julia Nish - Lapidus
Directed by Chelsea Ferrando and Tracey Bradley
NOW Magazine Review

February 2011
See Bob Run and Wild Abandon By Daniel MacIver
Featuring Julia Nish-Lapidus and David Gingerich
Directed by Eric Double

May 2011
Modern Love
Workshop Presentation
Canadian Stage Festival of Ideas and Creation
Written and Performed by Jessica Moss
Directed by Eric Double and Julia Nish-Lapidus
Multi-Media Design by Kyle Purcell
Developed by the Company

Theatre Caravel was selected as the 2011 Canadian Stage GYM Team and developed Modern Love with support from the GYM emerging artists program.

January 2012
Modern Love
Next Stage Theatre Festival
Written and Performed by Jessica Moss
Directed by Eric Double
Produced by Julia Nish-Lapidus
Multi-Media Design by Kyle Purcell
Lighting Design by Dave DeGrow
Developed by the Company
"NNNN" - NOW Magazine Review
"Best of the Fest" - The Torontoist Review
"9 out of 10" - The Grid Review
Mooney on Theatre Review

May 2012
Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen / This Property is Condemned
by Tennessee Williams
as part of the Tennessee Williams Project
Directed by Eric Double and Julia Nish-Lapidus
Featuring Elisabeth Lagerlšf and Steven Boleantu
Set Design by Hanna Puley
Sound Design by Kyle Purcell
NOW Magazine Festival Review
Mooney on Theatre Review

Sea Change - a night of new performance
Performance History

May 2009
Performers: David Calderisi, Colleen Williams, Dennis Hayes, Kevin Kline, Cayle Chernin, Jillian Reese-Brown

August 2009
Performers: Stewed Roots, Kayla Mahy, Steve Boleantu, Rebecca Davey, Ryan Rader

November 2009
Performers: Haley McGee, Rob Faust, Afrikaren Nile, Chere Francoise, Erin Finley

March 2010
Performers: Krista Dalby, Angelica LeMinh, Stevie Jay, Lara Martin, Dominika Dittwald

June 2010
Performers: Adam Paolozza, Arif Mirabdolgabhi, Peter McLaren, Dennis Hayes, Duane Forrest, Jessica Moss, Rachel Ellison

September 2010
Performers: Darren O'Donnell, Teodoro Dragonieri, Sam Clayton, David Delisca, Keith Eager

January 2011
Performers: Jason Maghanoy, Andy Cockburn, Chere Francoise, Hamza Fouad (a.k.a. Relevant), Alicia Eisen

April 2011
Performers: Morgan Norwich, Johnny Walker, Henri Faberge and Tony Ho, Tangled Web Theatre (Tyler Seguin/Helen Juvonen), Amnesiac Jack, Victoria Nesbitt

September 2011
Performers: Nathan Carroll, Dave Borins, Noah Davis, Miguel Ramirez, Nicole Ratjen

December 2011
Performers: Steve Boleantu, Sonja Seiler, Amelia Sargisson, Marcel Dragonieri & Jess Beaulieu, Eric Double

March 2012
Performers: Tony Ho (Miguel Rivas, Adam Niebergall, Roger Bainbridge), Alex Dault, Chloe Payne, Seann Murray, Kaitlin Morrow, Peter McLaren, Simon Rainville, Kyle Purcell

June 2012
Blast from the Past edition
Performers: Andy Cockburn, Teodoro Dragonieri, Dave Borins, Nicole Ratjen

September 2012
Performers: Chelsea Manders, James Wallis, Marla Brennan, Roger Beck, Shawn Jurek

April 2013
Performers: Joel Battle, Andrew Gaboury, Haley McGee, The Templeton Philharmonic, Rob Faust

June 2013 Fringe Edition
Performers: Steve Boleantu, Dave Mackett, Matt Gorman, Shy Fonzie, Freddie Rivas, Maikor